Surrounding Area

The El Morro Valley is steeped in history, folklore and mystery. To this day anthropologists journey to the mythical land of the Seven Lost Cities of Cibola, as this area has been referred to for centuries, to unravel the mysteries of the vanishing Anasazi, the exploits of the Spanish Explorers. The Navaho and Zuni dwell there still with their sacred traditions in tact and thriving.

Descendants of both the Mormans who migrated here in the mid 19th century and the early homesteaders carry on the tradition begun by their ancestors and the indigenous tribes of the area, to coexist in harmony. For this reason the El Morro and Ramah Valley, Zuni as well as the entire stretch of the Ancient Hi-way enjoys a unique quality of community. Newcomer’s to the area immediately feel and want to contribute to this good energy. There is a very strong and growing community of artists, anthropologists, organic farmers and more of all ages, as well as an eclectic community of retired professionals.

The local art guild, El Morro Area Arts Council, has an ongoing calendar of events open to the public and welcoming involvement. Click here, to find links to the many organizations and services available in the Valley.

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